My name is Lauren Thompson and I am a Slate model. I have also worked with over ten other agencies within my 6 years of modeling. I can tell you one thing: a lot of agencies pride themselves on professionalism...but Slate shows you first hand. I have been represented by Slate for years now and they are not strictly a "new faces" agency. Yes, they do sign new talent each and every year, but they also consistantly book their standing talent with various types of jobs. Michelle and the representatives at Slate are experts at matching the right talent to the right job...and THAT is what makes a modeling agency PROFESSIONAL. Thanks Slate!"


Lauren Thompson,



"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the hostess in our booth. The success of our show was in great measure totheir talents. Their professionalism, style, beauty, and friendly personality enabled them to stop everybody that walked by. They were able to learn and completely understand our company's product line and goals for the show in very short time and presented themselves as credible members of our sales force. They met 110% of our expectations. they were beautiful and absolute show stoppers!"





Gary Rosenberg

Vice President, Geyser Financial


I have had many monumental moments because of the opportunities that Slate created for me. I booked my first commercial and professional print job through Slate and it hasn't stopped since. As a single dad of two the quality of my like has improved because of the diligent staff at Slate.







Ronald Graham,



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